Innovative technology keeps us one step ahead

To always provide high-quality shipping services, we need to take care of every detail. In that mission, innovative technology helps us make the whole process easy. We know that speed and safety are of paramount importance to our business…so we utilize software specially designed to accomplish those priorities.

Eve International Logistics uses technology that equally helps shippers and carriers. Our software is one of the most efficient logistics software available today. Primarily we provide real-time freight visibility and automated freight matching.

API / EDI Integration

API / EDI Integration is one of the solutions that help us to simplify your shipping process. With EDI Integration our company advances efficiency and eliminates errors in the shipping process. These technologies make the more effective process of truck assignment, accounting, and order entry. Further, API at any time brings to you access at shipment status, location, rating, or loading tender. 

Shipment tracking

We are focused on helping you to grow your business. To be a success in that field you need time and energy, and this next-level technology brings you a peace of mind. Our shipment tracking service that initiates tracking every load with GPS real-time.


We want you to make the right choice when you decide which solutions better answer your distinct business needs.To succeed in that we use innovative technology solutions that bring full visibility to all customers and carriers. This tool guarantees effective communication and the strongest support.